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Unpacking the Progress Making Forces Diagram

Chris Spiek // 02.23.12

This week we talk through one of the tools that we use as we try to find Jobs-To-Be-Done:  The Progress Making Forces Diagram. This diagram is used to understand the forces that are at play when a consumer seeks to …

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Forces Friday: Habit of the Present

Chris Spiek // 09.20.13

Our Forces Friday series concludes this week with an in-depth discussion of the Habit of the Present: Why would a consumer have to break a habit in order to buy a Roomba vacuum cleaner? Chris, Bob, and Ervin discuss the force using …

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Forces Friday: Pull and Anxiety

Chris Spiek // 06.17.13

We’re back this week with another installment of our Forces Fridays series! In this episode we take a deep-dive into the Pull of the New Solution and Anxiety aspects of the Forces of Progress Diagram to further explain what causes …

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Ash Maurya on Jobs-to-be-Done and Running Lean

Chris Spiek // 06.30.14

On this episode of Jobs-to-be-Done Radio we’re joined by entrepreneur, author, and entrepreneurship expert Ash Mauyra. Along with creating the Lean Canvas, an incredibly usable tool for startups who are trying to apply the lean startup methods, Ash has integrated …

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Filling in Lean’s Gaps

Alan Klement // 03.18.14

‘Get out of the building!’ ‘Talk with customers’! ‘Genchi Genbutsu’ …the above insights, and others like them, are great advice from practitioners of the Lean methodology. They hammer into the entrepreneur’s brain the importance of talking directly with customers before …

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Alan Klement on Designing Around Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 02.18.14

How do you go about designing product features around Jobs-to-be-Done? This week on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio we’re joined by Alan Klement who talks about how he came up with his version of the job story, and shares some great examples of …

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August 7th: JTBD Q&A Session at Meetup in NYC

Chris Spiek // 08.05.13

We get really excited when smart people at cool companies learn and adopt the Jobs-to-be-Done interview technique. The people at Meetup are a great example of that! This Wednesday, Meetup will be hosting a Jobs-to-be-Done Q&A Session at their NYC …

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Wine and Laptop Bag JTBD

Chris Spiek // 04.12.13

This episode of Jobs-to-be-Done radio kicks off with the introduction of an exciting new project that everyone can be involved in:  Uncovering the Wine Jobs-to-be-Done. We also talk about a project that we’re doing for to understand the job-dimensions …

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