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Are we talking but not making progress?

Bob Moesta // 01.14.14

It seems that every day, all over the world, teams and individuals spend time talking about their projects, but that those conversations don’t result in progress. Is that your experience?

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Switch Workshop Recap with Nick Owsley

Bob Moesta // 10.10.12

  This week we’ll give you a glimpse into what went on at the Switch Workshop that was held at the 37signals office in Chicago on October 1st. We’re joined by Nick Owsley, the co-founder of PromoSimple, who shares his thoughts …

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Teaching How to Think vs Teaching What to Think

Bob Moesta // 10.03.12

This week we continue to share audio of a recent trip to Boston to visit Clayton Christensen. Clay shares the story of when Andy Groves of Intel asked him to explain how disruption would affect his company.  He reinforces for us …

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