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Photos From Switch Workshop #2 | November 2012

Chris Spiek // 11.05.12

On November 2nd, yet another group of 24 curious entrepreneurs, marketers, and product developers gathered at the 37signals offices in Chicago to learn about why we buy the products that we buy.

By unpacking the moments of discovery, choice, and consumption through the lens of the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework, we begin to understand causality at level that enables us to develop better products and services.

Most businesses don’t know the real reasons why people switch to — or from — their products. We showed them how to find out.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to all that attended and hope to hear all about the jobs-to-be-done interviews that you conduct in the coming weeks.

We’ll Be Back in 2013

Watch this website and the #JTBD Hashtag on Twitter to find out about upcoming Switch Workshops in January and February.

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  • Bob Moesta, Chris Spiek and Brian Walker during the Mattress Interview
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