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Switch Workshop Photos – April 12th at 37signals

Chris Spiek // 04.15.13

coverOn April 12th the Switch Workshop was back at 37signals in Chicago to talk to another group of 24 people about what makes us buy the products that we buy.

After putting on a number of these, I can honestly say that this was one of the most energized and engaged groups we’ve had yet.  Great job guys!  The response that we’ve received on Twitter since the event is overwhelming.  It’s great to hear how many of you are embracing the things that you learned.

Each attendee watched and participated in live interviews, and took a deep dive into the background of the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework.

We’d like to extend a thanks to Jason, Ryan and everyone else at 37signals who helped to put the event on, and of course all of the attendees!

Next Switch Workshop: May 17th at DG in NYC!

The next Switch Workshop will be held at DG on Friday May 17th in New York City!


The last Switch Workshop (April) sold out in under 46 hours.  Register now if you want to attend!

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