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Upcoming Switch Workshop in Detroit on March 24th and 25th

Chris Spiek // 03.12.15

rewired-switchThe Switch Workshop will be held in Detroit at the Re-Wired office on March 24th and 25th!

Join us to take a deep dive into why people buy and how they switch from one product to another, using the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework.

This 2-day workshop will teach you the methods on the first day, then apply them to your work (with coaching from the experts) on the second day.

The event is limited to 24 people and tickets always go fast, so if you’re interested, register now.

Why do people really buy your product?

Here’s What to Expect

You’ll participate in live customer interviews.

You’ll learn new techniques for unearthing the deep insights that most companies never bother to dig up.

You’ll understand why people switch from one product to another and how you can increase the odds that the switch goes your way.

And you’ll be able to put everything you learned to immediate use.

There’s only one simple requirement: You’ll be asked to describe something that you purchased recently.


Bob is an entrepreneur, innovator and ‘the milkshake man’ from Clayton Christensen’s famous example of Jobs To Be Done. Bob was one of the principal architects of the JTBD framework in the mid 1990s.

chrisOver the last 6 years Chris has transformed JTBD from a complex theory into an easily understood and highly effective design tool. He helps companies from Fortune 500s to startups develop great products by uncovering what really drives consumers to purchase.

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Register Now

The cost is $1,000 to attend the 2-day workshop. ($800 early-bird pricing is available until Tuesday, March 17th)

These events sell out fast (often in less than 48 hours!). If you want to come, register now!

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