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Are we talking but not making progress?

Bob Moesta // 01.14.14

Every day, all over the world, people spend time doing things that don’t result in any progress for anyone. It seems like people spend a lot of time trying to fix what they thought was clear. At least that’s how it looks to us.

It looks like people are often being surprised when someone they thought had bought into the project, turns out not to understand it.

It looks like people often use the same words to describe very different things or use different words for the same thing.

It looks to us like we’re wasting a lot of time discussing and re-discussing the same things, but not moving forward. That’s our perspective. How does it look from where you are?

Think back to your last six months of project work. How much time have you spent trying to fix what you thought was clear?

by Bob Moesta
Wally Bock contributed to this post.