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Vote Up the JTBD Panel at SxSW!

Chris Spiek // 08.21.13

panelpickerWe’re lucky because so many of you that read this blog, listen to JTBD Radio, and attend the Switch Workshops decide to become actively involved at spreading the word about Jobs-to-be-Done.

Today we have a very specific way that you can continue to help: Vote for our panel at next year’s SxSW!

The panel is on the topic of Why Your Customers Switch To Your Competitors.  

To make up the panel, Bob and I will join two super-smart women who have embraced Jobs-to-be-Done and have applied it in some really cool ways: Amrita Chandra from RocketScope, and Kyra Aylsworth from Teehan+Lax.

Voting will take you less than a minute.  Just create an account and click the thumbs-up in the top left corner of our page.