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Once upon a time …

a group of designers and developers were overcome with excitement and a bit of uncertainty about an idea they had for a new product.

They pulled together their expertise and tried to nail down an approach to delivering the features while constantly trying to make sure there was really an opportunity in front of them.

As their concepts matured and their knowledge of the space increased, so did their anxiety. They were talking with prospective customers who sounded excited about the product, but how could they be sure they were launching the right thing?

Then one day they discovered Reality Check.

In one day they could listen in on 5 structured conversations with consumers that had struggled with the issue that the group was out to solve.

After one day of consumer conversations they had their answer. Of all of the product features that they could focus on and technologies that they could implement, they now had laser-focus on what was important to the customer.

* They even went on to use Reality Check to kill a bad idea before it cost them a bunch of money.

How It Works
  1. We start with a half hour call to talk about the project, make sure it’s the right thing to do, and pick a day to do the Reality Check.
  2. We work together to find the right consumers to talk to (it usually takes about ten days to line up the five people). We handle all of the heavy-lifting.

On the day of the Reality Check, we all dial into a conference bridge: the customer, you (or your team), and us.

We’ll lead the interview using our Jobs-to-be-Done interview technique, and you can jump in and ask questions when they pop up.

We leave a half hour in between each interview to debrief and talk about what we might probe into on the next interview.

At the end of the day you’ll better understand which features and design decisions are right for your customers and what the real opportunity looks like. We guarantee you’ll feel deeply informed by the experience.


Schedule a 30 Minute Call

If you’re interested, drop me (Chris) an email at Tell me a little bit about your project (just a sentence or two), and a few times that you can talk.