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Uncovering the Jobs of [PRODUCT/CATEGORY NAME]

This is your project page. It will contain all of the information that you’ll need to:

  1. Use the survey guide that we just created.
  2. Select people to interview.
  3. Communicate with them to get them scheduled and ready to be interviewed.

1) Let’s Start By Getting a Bunch of Stories

The first step in the process is sending out a survey to people that we think would be good to interview. The survey will give us high-level information about their story: when they purchased, what they purchased, where they purchased, whether they bought it or received it as a gift.
Later in this process, we’ll sort through the data that we get back from the survey and select people to interview.
We’ve generated a survey guide below based on the information that you provided about your project.  The survey guide is typically around 80% correct, but there will be some questions that you’ll want to tweak to make them more specific to your project.
As you read through the survey and decide what to change, think about your audience:

  • If you’re researching your own product and emailing the survey to a list of existing/past customers, how will they fill out the survey? Are the questions relevant?
  • If you’re researching a category and planning on using social media to attract people to the survey, will it make sense to people when they arrive at the survey?

Use the guide below to create a survey using Survey Monkey or a program of your choice then come back to this page and we’ll put together a plan for how to send the survey out to potential respondents.

2) Sending Out The Survey

Who you ask to take your survey will depend on your project’s topic, and the access that you have to people who may have valuable stories.
For example:

  • EMAIL: If you’re researching one of your own products or services, want to talk to people who purchased recently, and have a list of customer’s email addresses that you can send the survey out to, this is a great way to go.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: If you’re researching a market that is somewhat related to the business you’re in, you may be able to use social media (your Twitter or Facebook accounts) to attract people to the survey.

Using Email to Distribute the Survey

  • If you have a list of existing customers, past customers, or people who have expressed interest in your product, send them this email.
  • Email Methods (Survey Monkey, Gmail, MailChimp)

Using Social Media to Distribute the Survey
A few sample tweets to get you started:

  • Do you enjoy [PRODUCT] We are looking for participants for a study on how people have enjoyed [PRODUCT] over the last 50 years. Quite a bit of fun. Get more info here: [SURVEY LINK]
  • Have you recently purchased a new laptop? I’d love to hear from you for a project I’m working on. Short survey: [SURVEY LINK]
  • I need your help 🙂 I’m trying to collect some information on how people buy CRM systems. If you’ve bought one, take my short survey: [SURVEY LINK].


3) Pick The Right People to Interview

Required Selection Criteria
Respondents must have:

  • Purchased the product themselves (no gifts from people).
  • Purchased within our selected time-frame (use this guide to decide on a time-frame).

4) Invite Them to be Interviewed