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Upcoming Switch Workshop at Basecamp in Chicago

Ervin Fowlkes // 03.23.15

The Switch Workshop will be held in Chicago at the Basecamp Headquarters on April 24th. Join us to take a deep dive into why people buy and how they switch from one product to another, using the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework. The …

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Running Lean + Switch Workshop

Chris Spiek // 01.05.15

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the science of how people buy anything and how to use these insights to build products that customers really want. Austin, Texas – Jan 29-30, 2015 Space is limited. Workshop Overview Most products fail. …

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Have Burning Questions? Get Answers This Thursday!

Chris Spiek // 04.14.14

This Thursday, April 17th, at noon eastern time, Chris and Ervin from Re-Wired will be hosting a Live Online Jobs-to-be-Done Q&A Session. If you’re learning or applying jobs to be done and you have burning questions, this is a great …

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Upcoming Switch Workshops

Chris Spiek // 08.26.13

If you’re looking to make it to a Switch Workshop this year, you’ve got some great options coming up! Friday, September 27th at 37Signals in Chicago – Registration & Details Wednesday, October 30th at Business of Software in Boston (this is …

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August 7th: JTBD Q&A Session at Meetup in NYC

Chris Spiek // 08.05.13

We get really excited when smart people at cool companies learn and adopt the Jobs-to-be-Done interview technique. The people at Meetup are a great example of that! This Wednesday, Meetup will be hosting a Jobs-to-be-Done Q&A Session at their NYC …

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