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Live Jobs-to-be-Done Interview: Eva’s Camera Purchase

Chris Spiek // 04.19.17

Interviewing a consumer or decision-maker about a purchase that they’ve made is one step involved in uncovering Jobs-to-be-Done insights (if you’re new to the framework, check out this video on jobs-to-be-done basics). We ask some strange questions when we interview. To …

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Uncovering the Jobs to be Done: Intro + Live Interview

Alex Lumley // 02.09.17

This is the best introduction to Jobs to be Done on the internet.  After watching you will: Understand the basics of the JTBD framework: Why JTBD is important for your company and an explanation of the Forces of Progress and the Timeline. Have …

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What is Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD)?

Ervin Fowlkes // 02.08.17

A simple explanation for those interested in the theory of Jobs to be done and how they can apply it to their products.

Understanding the Job by Clayton Christensen

Alex Lumley // 02.08.17

“Understanding a product’s actual job makes improving the product easier. Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School talks about the job to be done. View more of the series at”

Increasing SaaS Feature Adoption with Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 07.14.16

As Jobs-to-be-Done continues to gain popularity in the SaaS community, many founders and product teams are struggling with the same question:   “How do we apply JTBD when there is no purchase?” A conversation that I have on a weekly basis goes something like: …

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For the Jobs-to-be-Done Doubter on Your Team

Chris Spiek // 06.13.16

Over the years we’ve worked to make Jobs-to-be-Done easier to learn and understand, but it can still be a complex idea to explain.  If you’re struggling to convert a team member, this video of Sian detailing her journey will help. Still getting push-back …

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Doing SaaS Cancellation Interviews (the Jobs-to-be-Done Way) by Ruben Gamez

Chris Spiek // 10.22.15

Ruben Gamez, founder of BidSketch, put together an excellent step-by-step guide to doing interviews with people who have cancelled their subscription to your SaaS product. If you run a SaaS business, this is a must-read!